About Babaji Jaspal Singh Ji

Babaji Jaspal Singh Ji was born in a devout Sikh family in Adampur, Punjab. From a very young age, Babaji began his training of Indian classical vocals along with the study of holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib Ji and related literature under the guidance of his Grandfather Baba Daulat Singh Ji and father Bhai Gursharan Singh Ji. Babaji's father played a massive role in the development of Indian classical music and spirituality. At the age of 21, Babaji met his Guru Sant Maharaj Baba Isher Singh Ji who gave Babaji's life a totally divine meaning and purpose. Babaji then continued his musical training under some of the greatest maestros like Bhai Sahib Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Ragi (in the field of traditional kirtan style which goes centuries back), legendary Ustad Mehdi Hassan Ji and Lakshmi Shankar Ji.

Upon achieving the ultimate divine union through the blessing of Babaji's Guru Sant Maharaj Baba Isher Singh Ji, Babaji in his late 20s embarked on the mission of spreading the teachings of Gurus and Saints such as Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the Gurus that followed after, Sant Kabir Ji, Sant Ravidas Ji and Bhagat Fareed Ji to mention a few. The above was done through Kirtan (a combination of a unique style of classical music and a gifted quality of oratorship) all over the world and had his own exclusive TV show on Zee and ETC Punjabi for 7 years which was telecasted in Asia, UK and North America.

Through this website, we aim to spread these teachings that are for the entire humanity through Babaji's bottomless ocean of wisdom. These teachings will shed light on what the purpose of life is, how to achieve it and without achieving it, life is a sheer nightmare. This will enhance our understanding, knowledge and quality of life.

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